1. Can I request for a Custom Shirt / an Apparel Product ?

Yes. We can make a new shirt / any apparel products as per your requests. Having some customized shirts with any graphics you desire has never been that easy.

2. How much does it cost to request for a custom artwork?

No fee will be applied to make a custom shirt / any apparel products from our website.

3. How can I send you my requirements for the shirt or apparel products ?

- You just need to tell us briefly what you expect the items to be done (themes, texts, colors, logo position, etc.). You even can put your text to any design that catches your eyes. The text you choose can be either your full name, nickname or a random one of your choice.

- If you want to customize designs from our catalog, please provide us with their names/links.

- Providing us the logo / artwork of the Department/ Team or you can literally choose any image (it can be your face, your girlfriend’s, your dog’s). Your chosen image will be presented beautifully on our custom printed shirts.

4. How long can I receive the samples of a New Custom Shirt / Apparel Products ?

Our talented designers will work on it and send the new design to your email within 48 hours. Then we can have further discussion on the design for any changes.

5. How much does it normally cost for 1 shirt or an apparel product?

You can get our Hawaiian Shirt from $19.99, 3D T-shirt from $16.99, Polo Shirt from $23.99 and many other products from our website.

6. How can I buy that Customized Shirt?

Once you are satisfied with the design, we will send you the link from our website for placing the order.

7. How long is the expectation for the delivery date?

Our standard production time (from the date of final artwork approval to preparing for shipment) is around 3-6 business days.

All the information for custom new shirts and requirements, please send us an email to